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The Iron Furnaces of Fayette County Pennsylvania
Alliance Furnace & Iron Works
(Jacobs Creek Furnace),

Alliance Forge,
Jacob's Creek,
Perry Township,
Fayette County,
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

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Alliance Furnace & Iron Works, located on Jacobs Creek, up stream from the Youghiogheny River, at Jacob's Creek, Perry Twp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Date Built: ca. 1789
Date Out-of-Blast: ca.1802

Other names Alliance Furnace was known by:
Col. Holker's Iron Works (ca.1791);
Jacob's Creek Bloomery (ca.1789);
Jacob's Creek Forge (ca.1789);
Jacob's Creek Furnace (ca.1789);
Jacob's Creek Iron Works (ca.1791);
Turnbull's Furnace;
Turnbull's Iron Works (ca.1797).

Alliance Furnace ** (National Register of Historic Places, Site #91001130, Added 1991)
Also known as Jacob's Creek Furnace;Alliance Iron Wks.
Fayette County - Off T 568 at Jacob's Cr., Perry Township, Perryopolis
(40 acres)

                           (This site still underconstruction)
Alliance Iron Furnace

A Stone cold Blast Furnace and Iron Works
Located in Perry Twp., Fayette Co., PA

Alliance Furnace Sketch
Sketch of Alliance Furnace
(Courtesy of "Two Centuries of Iron Smelting in
Pennsylvania," 1921)

Location: Alliance Furnace & Iron Works, is located within Pennsylvania State Game Lands No.296, 2mi. east of the Youghiogheny River, 1mi. off of PA Rt. SR1002, on a gated road, Rt. T568 into State Game Lands No.296, about 2000ft. west of its junction with PA Rt. SR4038, Perry Twp., Fayette Co.  The remains of the Alliance Furnace stack and charcoal house, along with some other foundations are on the south bank of Jacob's Creek, in Fayette Co.  The site of Alliance Furnace Forge is located on the north bank of Jacob's Creek, across the creek from the furnace site, in Westmoreland Co.

Alliance Furnace, ca.1897
Alliance Furnace is located along Jacobs Creek in Fayette County. The furnace was first put in-blast in 1789 and operated until 1802. It was adjacent to Valentine Sechrist/Secrest's property and family legend says that the Sechrist Family supplied water and food to the workers.
The photo above shows Harvey Smith of Smithton on top of the furnace, center. Sitting, first row: Jackson Linn, William Jones, Sr. and Dan Guynn. The others are unknown. Standing: Sam Hood, George Smith, Fred Holibaugh, Colonel Suter, Joseph Smith, Bud Sinsley, William Saeger and John Smith.

(Photo courtesy of LaVonne R. Hanlon, descendent of Valentine Sechrist/Secrest.)

Alliance Furnace ca.1930 Alliance Furnace ca.1930
Alliance Furnace in Ruins, Jacobs Creek, Fayette Co., PA Alliance Furnace stack in ruins, Jacobs Creek,
Fayette Co, PA, ca.1930

(photos from the Correspondence of Thomas J. Norris, Pres. Jacob's Creek Oil Co., courtesy of Mrs. Bernard Frese, Jr., in authors collections)
Alliance Furnace ca.1930
Alliance Furnace stack,
Jacobs Creek, Fayette Co, PA
View down stack (above)
Alliance Furnace ca.1930
Alliance Furnace Charcoal Building ca.1930 Alliance Furnace Charcoal Building ca.1930
Charcoal Building at Alliance Furnace,
on hill above Furnace stack (ca.1930)

(photos from the Correspondence of Thomas J. Norris, Pres. Jacob's Creek Oil Co., courtesy of Mrs Bernard Frese, Jr. in authors collections)

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