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Astonville Furnace & Iron Works,
Astonville Furnace No. 2,
Astonville Furnace No. 3
Astonville Furnace No. 4

Village of Astonville (Ralston),
Lycoming County,
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

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Astonville Furnace & Iron Works, a Charcoal Furnace, Located on Lycoming Creek, in the Village of Astonville, which was near the Village of Ralston, McIntyre Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Date Built: ca. 1831
Date Out-of-Blast: ca. 1855

Other names Astonville Furnace was known by:
Thompson's Furnace.

Astonville Furnace No. 2,  An anthracite Furnace
Date Built:  ca.1853
Date Out-of-Blast:  ca.1855?

Astonville Furnace No. 3, An Anthracite Furnace
Date Built:  ca.1855
Date Out-of-Blast:  1856

Astonville Furnace No. 4, An anthracite Furnace
Date Built: ca.1857
Date Out-of-Blast: 1865

Astonville Furnace & Iron Works
A Stone Blast Furnace & Iron Works
Owners: (ca.1831) New York Iron and Coal Company  
              (ca.1855) William Thompson

History:  Astonville hot-blast charcoal & anthracite Furnace, on Lycoming Creek, near Village of Ralston, Lycoming Co., owner William Thompson, built 1855 for charcoal, rebuilt 1857 for anthracite, in-blast 1857. (Lesley,1859:93)

From "History of Lycoming County" (Philadelphia, PA: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1876), by D. J. Stewart ed., pages 71 - 73.

    "McIntyre Township was set off from Lewis in 1848.  The first survey made in the territory, now McIntyre, was on September 11, 1794, by Aaron Levy; this survey embraced the present site of Ralston....  The first public improvement in the township was made by the New York Iron and Coal Company, who erected a saw-mill on Lycoming Creek a little south of the town of Astonville, in 1831.  The old mill gave place to the one now occupied by Mr. Keys, Superintendent of the above Company.  A saw-mill was built on Pleasant Run by Mr. Hunter in 1841.  McIntyre at one time bade fair to become the theatre of very important mining operations.  The supply of ore is inexhaustible, and measures had been adopted to utilize the same.  Mr. Aston, acting for the above Company, established a furnace near the town of Astonville in 1831.  The iron ore was brought a distance of three miles around the mountain, and is said to have produced about 25 percent of superior iron.  This furnace succumbed to the power of flames, and another was built near the railroad at Astonville in 1856, which was operated one and a half years and blew out.  A large furnace was built in 1853 near the same place, but never accomplished any work.  The one at the railroad was operated with varied success until March 17, 1865, when it also blew out.  Since that time no effort has been made to revive the business at this place.  An effort was made to make iron at Cartersville, but failed, for what reason is best known to those whose fortunes are covered in the huge piles of cinders contiguous to the furnaces". (Stewart:1876:71-73)

Location: on Lycoming Creek, at the Village of Astonville, which was near the Village of Ralston, McIntyre Township, Lycoming Co.

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