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Jackson Furnace
Jenner Topwnship,
Somerset County,
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

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Updated Nov. 4, 2002
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Jackson Furnace & Iron Works:  Located on Picking's Run, at the eastern base of Laurel Mountain, on the grounds of a Lutheran Church camp, Camp Sequanota near Jennerstown, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Date Built: ca. 1825
Date Out-of-Blast: ca.1834

Other names Jackson Furnace was known by:

Jackson Furnace & Iron Works
A Stone Blast Furnace & Iron Works
Owners: ca.1825 - 1833:  Irwin Horrell, Phillip Murphy and Charles Ogle.
             ca.1833 - 1834:  Joseph Graham and William Graham.

The remains of Jackson Furnace are in bad condition at present, with most of the outer furnace stones removed.  A large slag pile remains along the creek, across the road from the furnace. Foundation remains of the office building and several foundation holes of a few structures remain.  The millrace can easily be traced from the mill dam to above the furnace.  A smaller furnace structure is located above the main furnace, this furnace is probably the remains of the last attempt cast remaining iron and scrap from the main furnace.

The foundation stones for a large structure are located on a roadway above the furnace site, possibly the remains of the ironmaster's house.

Jackson Furnace
The remains of Jackson Furnace, on the northern side of Picking's Run, at the eastern base of Laurel Mountain, Camp Sequanota, Jennerstown, Somerset County. The outer stones of the furnace stack were removed years ago by the builders of Camp Sequanota, and used to build the stone cabins in the main camp area.
(Photo taken by Raymond A. Washlaski, ca.1993.)
Jackson Furnace
Ryan Washlaski, on the top of the furnace stack, ca.1994.
(Photo taken by Raymond A. Washlaski, ca.1994.)

LOCATION:  To reach the site of Jackson Furnace, go west on U.S. Rt. 30 from its junction with PA Rt.985, at the light in Jennerstown for 1.1 miles to the junction of PA SR4027 (Mountain Road) at the western edge of Jennerstown, and the sign to Camp Sequanota.  Bear right on PA SR4027, go approx. 1/2 mile, Mountain Road goes straight and PA SR4027 bears right, follow PA SR4027 about a mile to the entrance to Camp Sequanota, a Lutheran Church camp, on the left.  Bear left and follow the paved road into Camp Sequanota, a large building, the Enrichment Center will be on your left.  As this is private property, permission should be obtained before entering the area, the Camp office is in the main camp area, reached by following the paved entrance road to the end.  The office, a stone building,  will be on the right, against the hill, in the main camp area.

To reach the site of Jackson Furnace, go back to the parking lot at the Enrichment Center, at the far end of the parking lot, a dirt road turns right, this road leads to the football field and the Jennerstown Water reservoir and water holding tank.  This road may be gated and locked.  If the road is gated, park at the Enrichment Center parking lot, and walk up the road.  A dirt road turns right and short distance up this road, this is the remains of the 18th century "Forbes Road" stay left. Picking's Run will be on your left a short distance up this road.  Approx. 300 yards up this road you will see the remains of Jackson Furnace against the hillside, on your right.  Continuing up the road up picking's Run, you will see the remains of a well-defined mill race, located behind a camp shelter, on your right.  This mill race can be followed towards the furnace site, a distance till it ends.  An old road bed can then be followed to the furnace site.

Remains of half a dozen charcoal pits can be seen along the various camp trails in the hills around the site of Jackson Furnace.

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